The present list, as promised:MVC

The present list, as promised:

  • MVC vouchers, from Tim
  • Waterstones vouchers, from Jane P
  • The Jubilee Line Extension, from Nick
  • Don’t Tell Me The Truth About Love, from Vaughan
  • A nice cheque from Dad
  • Another cheque from my uncle
  • A stone elephant and a mouse nightshirt from Sarah (don’t ask)
  • A hipflask filled with port from Fi and Alison
  • A beer monster glass tankard from DA and DAGS
  • A very expensive bottle of red wine from Al and Arron (need a suitable dinner guest to share that with. volunteers?)
  • Home made goat’s cheese (and some cash) from Jane G (using milk from her own goats – how cool? – the cheese that is, not the cash)
  • Monkey Business – the Life And Times of the Marx Brothers and Chairman Blair’s Little Red Book from Gary, Sue and Alex
  • Chocolate from Mum
  • A groovy shark-shaped foil cutter from Sacha
  • Classic Superman cartoons on video from Ian (to be watched at the parent’s house)
  • plus the pressies from Mo and Meg that you already know about
  • and three birthday cakes!

Thank you everyone (hope I’ve not missed anything!!). My birthday was utterly brilliant (the bits I remember). Apparently I was utterly offensive, totally incoherent and generally unpleasant, so just like a normal Saturday night really. There are enormous holes in my memory, probably due to huge quantities of beer on an empty stomach – I’ve had to ask Sarah to help me fill in a few gaps.
Present for the beerfest on Saturday were (deep breath): Sarah, Andy, Nick T, Phil, Jane G, Ian, DA, DAGS, Matt, Arron, Al, Fi, Alison, Paul F, Bora, Neil, Helen, Steve C, Kearn, Claudette and probably a bunch of other people that I was too drunk to remember. gah! We all got bladdered in the Nags, then W2 and finally back here until godknowswhen. Highlights (I don’t remember most of them, but everyone else thought they were funny) included me leering at Claudette (sorry hun), Matt and Ian doing goldfish impressions, the lightswitch game, Bora’s spliff, me telling everyone that Nick fancied Sarah (sorry mate), the phallic elephant discussion and Sarah insisting that I should walk the mile to her house with her and Andy and then get a cab home from there, ignoring the fact that I was home already (did she have other plans I wonder?? the mind boggles!).
Sunday involved returning a huge hired lorry to the hire company (no way I should have been behind the wheel!), doing the recycling (how many empty bottles???) and popping to Waitrose to get kitted out for an afternoon of leisurely picnicking as described below.
I love my friends – they’re great!
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