In the ongoing saga of

In the ongoing saga of my new windows, I have now received a letter from the district council telling me that I do need full planning consent. This is because my property is a flat and not a house. I think this is a ridiculous piece of discrimination, and if anyone had sufficient time and money to challenge the law in court, I’m sure it would be easy to prove that it is an infringement of human rights.
Anyway, the letter goes on to suggest that the council is unlikely to approve the installation of uPVC windows. So I telephoned the planning office and pointed out that my neighbour has similar style windows to those that I intend to install, as do at least three other nearby houses. This was met with silence. I asked if this would not, in fact, make it pretty much impossible for the council to refuse me permission. “Ah, yes, you’re probably right. I’d recommend that you put an application in, in that case”.
If there is one thing that my family enjoys more than anything else, it is taking on planning authorities. With so much experience down the years, I can usually run rings around them. They must hate me!
The bad news is that because I have to make a full application, it will cost me and Frannie (who owns the upstairs flat) £190, just in application fees. guh.