Today would have been an

Today would have been an utterly fantastic day if it had not been for the revision! I got up late (by my standards – still fairly early for most other people when taking a day off work), and, after breakfast, took my revision notes and books the short walk to Priory Park, sat on a bench on “The Mound” (site of a Norman bailey) and read my notes, enjoyed the sun (got burnt!), watched the groundsman going round and around the cricket pitch on his mower, and took in the view of the trees, Guildhall, cathedral and city skyline.
After three hours of reading, I took a break, and headed to St Martin’s Tearoom for the house speciality – welsh rarebit. St Martin’s is a fantastic tearoom, serving organic vegetarian food that is really good – the rarebit is to die for, especially when enjoyed in the garden in the dappled shade of a cherry tree, with a good cup of coffee and a book. An expensive luxury, admittedly, but I get lunch out so rarely, and I felt I deserved it after three hours of revising.
After lunch, I wandered off to the shops to buy a new calculator and pencil for tomorrow’s exam, as well as a phone voucher, sunblock (shutting the door after the horse has bolted) and some food. In my travels I bumped into Simone, Bek (sober this time) and Bora. There was, inevitably, chewing of the cud. I also got a call from Heather too, and we discussed tomorrow’s exam and the cud.
After all that and an ice cream, I headed back to the park for another three hours of revision, this time distracted by snogging teenagers, toddlers toddling and cricketers practising in the nets. Then home for tea and a rest.
If only every day could be spent in a beautiful sun-kissed park!