“Halfwit”? huf. I usually refuse

“Halfwit”? huf.
I usually refuse to be drawn into justifying my blog content once again, but for Nancy’s benefit, I’ll do it here.
I blog the way I do because I want to. I am open about my blog. The person who I had the date with on Wednesday is aware of my site, although she isn’t aware of its content – yet. I fully intend to tell her, but only when the time is right. Also, Nancy (and I tend only to use people’s names when they have really wound me up), there is nothing in what I posted that is in any way personal or revealing about the person concerned. I think all that I have said so far is that we had a really nice evening together (which is true), that I’d like to see her again (also true), but that we are both a bit nervous (I mean, c’mon! look at what has happened so far this year – you expect me *not* to be nervous?). Nothing I have said reveals the identity of the person concerned (not even her Christian name) or anything about her – where she lives, her age, what she does, her background ….. not even the colour of her hair.
So please, Nancy, get out of my face.