Results of my trip to

Results of my trip to Brighton today:

  • a new jacket, ready for a trip to the races on Friday, as well as a new shirt and smart trousers. Bizarrely for me, all these things came from Debenhams, who seemed to have been exposed to a swift kick up the backside in the menswear department. I was seriously tempted by some Fahri stuff I saw, but it was way beyond my budget – but very cool, nonetheless.
  • a new book, Three To See The King by Magnus Mills. Already I’m half way through, so expect a review shortly. So far, I like it. Lots.
  • lunch in Food for Friends.
  • birthday gifts and cards for the weekend.
  • two CDs: Slag Boom Van Loon: So Soon and Andrea Parker: The Dark Ages – all good stuff.
  • some bath ballistics.
  • a new pair of shoelaces (woohoo).
  • ….plus some odds and ends from Habitat.