Book review: Three To See

Book review: Three To See The King by Magnus Mills.
This is an excellent, if unusual book. The setting and prose are both spare, with many mundane aspects of the story not even touched upon (suspension of disbelief in full force – where does the narrator get food and water from? where does the tin for building the homes come from?). But it is an interesting and, at times, funny look at several issues – religion, the cult of celebrity, the nature of friendship, how men interact with women, solidarity and insularity.
In a way, I actually found myself identifying with the narrator – or at least admiring him. He deals with a series of issues in ways that I have dealt with similar issues myself – or would do if I encountered them. As such, an impression is gained that the author himself is well versed in life – I know that sounds airy, we are all well versed in life after all – but not only is he well versed in life, he also has a knack for putting that down on paper.
So, once again, my advice is – go buy, read, enjoy.