A steady light rain outside

A steady light rain outside of those fat, round, lazy raindrops that only fall on hot, still, sticky, humid, sultry nights in the English summer – the type of rain that seems to evaporate before it hits the ground, but can still soak you to the skin in an not entirely unpleasant way. It’s the sort of evening when I should be out there walking with someone lovely, but instead I’m sat in here, wondering what CD to put on next, hoping the phone will ring and trying to summon up the energy to cook dinner, wash-up, do the laundry, hoover the floor or something.
I’ve always found that warm summer rain in the evening is a great mood enhancer. It doesn’t matter if I’m feeling happy or sad or depressed or whatever – that feeling will be increased by rain like that which is falling right now. Even more so if I were to go out and stand in it. But at the moment, I am (reasonably) content to sit here and listen to the cars swishing through the water outside my windows.