So it’s started – with

So it’s started – with the forthcoming launch of the .biz top level domains, web hosting companies are clamouring for my business, by phone, letter, email, spam. They all want me to launch because it’ll make my website “much easier to find”. Bollocks. I chose a address deliberately for work (and for this site too) because I wanted to highlight the fact that we are a British company, mainly serving customers in the UK. We don’t supply plants to customers outside the EU (due to plant health restrictions) – I didn’t want a .com address because it would lead to too many enquiries from American and other customers who we would not be able to serve. The same holds true for .biz. What’s more, customers search for our site by looking on search engines for our name or our products. And it is the body of the URL that points up your business – would work any better than Doubt it.