Well done to Simon. The

Well done to Simon.
The CIM had another go at trying to give me a heart attack this morning when another envelope arrived from them – once I’d got over the omigoditsmyresults stage and opened the envelope, I found it was only ballot papers for committee members of something. However, tomorrow should be another story.
UPDATE: apparently the CIM Education Department answering machine (because clearly it is too much trouble to have a person on the phone around results time) says that results are due in the last week of August – i.e. next week, and not today (so that we receive them tomorrow). The CIM is worse than useless – for an organisation that promotes good customer service and customer orientation, they treat their members really shabbily.
FURTHER UPDATE: apparently the CIM are telling some people that results will not be mailed out until 31st August, so we won’t get them until 1st September. grr.