Two things worked on my

Two things worked on my mind this morning as I walked to work – here’s the first (I’ll blog the second one later):
Opposite my home is a house where three girls live. I say girls mainly because just about anyone female and roughly my age or younger is a “girl” in my book – it’s not meant to be derogatory or anything. Anyway, I guess two of them are in their thirties, the third a little older, perhaps her early forties – all three are attractive and apparently single.
This morning, as I was leaving, I saw a ParcelForce driver delivering a large box with what looked like Damart in large letters on the side. Somehow, I wouldn’t have thought of these people as the sort who wear Damart’s products, which got me thinking about preconceptions. I mean, I think of these three as typical single thirty-something girls sharing a house. I’ve no idea what they do for work or whatever. I’ve never even spoken to them in the two-and-a-half years that I’ve lived there. They seem to go out quite a lot, and I’ve seen a parade of fellas going to and from their front door.
Which got me thinking: what do they think of me? That bloke who lives on the corner, always wears black, seems to go out quite a lot, has a different woman around every other day (even if it is just Sarah or Fi or whoever), the one who really needs to repaint his windowframes.
Have you ever thought about the sort of image that you project?