Lunch yesterday in the company

Lunch yesterday in the company of Sarah, enjoying splendid organic welsh rarebit in the sun-drenched garden of St Martin’s Tea Rooms.
Later, we headed off to Cocking (there’s a place name that’ll get me some dodgy search referrals) to a birthday party for an old friend (I mean she has been a friend for a while, not that she is old!), Adrienne. Sarah and I took along some food and wine (lovely salad and champers from Sarah, whilst I had sweetcorn and some veggie kebabs smothered in Crazy Charlie’s Cajun Sauce, which turned out to be rather more fiery than expected, but certainly delicious) and joined Kate (who had brought mackerel and cake), William (Adrienne’s two-year-old son, who brought entertainment for the rest of us) and Adrienne’s neighbours, Pete and Mark. It was an excellent evening, very relaxed – and especially good to see Adrienne looking cheerful and relaxed.
It was good to catch up with Kate too. Kate and I lived together a few years ago – she was a great influence on me, and although she isn’t a million miles away and we do exchange emails every now and then, I miss having her around. Proof that when a relationship breaks up, you can continue to be good friends.