Gah. College. GAH. Reasons why

Gah. College. GAH.
Reasons why Chichester College can be crap:

  • I asked (twice) ages ago what books I should get for this term. I received no advice on the subject. Having a ¬£50 voucher that I had to use before it expired, I used my initiative and bought the two top books from the CIM reading list. Guess what? …yep, they’re not the books we’re going to use. Oh well, they won’t go to waste.
  • Tonight we had induction. In fact, it wasn’t really induction. It was sitting around filling out forms that we could easily have done at home beforehand, duplicating the same information on four forms (what no integrated database? like, don’t they practice what they preach?)
  • As an afterthought, our tutor remembered to tell us that the nights had been changed for our classes – good job he remembered to tell us rather than wait for us all to get pissed off when we turned up needlessly on Thursday.
  • Oh yeh – the forms – the wrong ones of course!
  • And, on top of that, we couldn’t complete our enrolment because either we had the wrong forms, or because we need to get our ILA application cleared first.

Guh. Guh. Guh guh guhitty guh.