Started work on the skins

Started work on the skins project this evening. The first target is to get neater code powering this site, with a proper linked style sheet – so far, all I’ve done is realise how messy my code is. The next stage will be to set this site up with a choice of one skin, which will be what you are looking at now. Hopefully, if all that works, you shouldn’t notice any changes at all.
Stage three is where the fun starts – then you’ll have the choice of this colour scheme, and also the old colour scheme. If I succeed in getting that working, I’ll add another one, two or three layouts (depending on how much energy I have), one of which will be the very old layout that used to be used prior to February this year (look up “old blog” in the archive pulldown menu in the nav bar to see what I mean).
The bad news is that those of you still using version 4 or older browsers will not be able to see any of this. I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to deal with that issue – there aren’t many of you, but you do exist, and I’d hate to lose you (incidentally, you are already unable to see the navbar if you use Navigator 4.7 or older – just think how good this site would be if you upgraded!).
Anyhow, none of this is going to happen quickly. Continue watching this space.