Jules, the brains behind Life

Jules, the brains behind Life And How I Live It is coming to London between October 13th and 18th as part of her honeymoon. She’d like some top tips on places to go from you lot – fool! She’s looking for things off the beaten tourist path that are interesting, perhaps even quirky, and preferably inexpensive. Pubs, restaurants, clubs, events, gigs, concerts, galleries – anything really, and especially those things that don’t make it to the guide books. If you have any ideas, then send her a mail or leave an idea in the comments.
Heads-up also to UKbloggers in and around London – I’d like to get a few of us together to give Jules a champagne reception whilst she is here – or maybe a few beers at least. If you are up for it, mail me and we’ll make a plan.