In other news:I’ve got a

In other news:

  • I’ve got a really unpleasant fluey cold, but had to go to work today. Consequently I feel lousy now.
  • A rep from WeatherGlaze was supposed to call here at 7pm today to give me a quote for replacement windows. No show. So they won’t be getting the work.
  • I have the pictures back from the weekend in Kilkenny, and they include a couple of really good ones of Gary looking very drunk. I promise I will do a full write-up when I have time/motivation/energy/less germs.
  • The result of the Tory leadership campaign will be announced tomorrow. It was due to be announced today, but was postponed for obvious reasons. The reception that was planned has also been cancelled – instead, Tory Central Office will simply issue a press statement.
  • My team is now assured promotion to division 16.