I previously expressed an interest

I previously expressed an interest in finding non-UK and non-US news sources covering the US terrorist attacks. Well nobody pointed any out to me, so I went and found a few of my own. Try these:
Asahi, Japan.
Ha’aretz, Israel.
Pravda, Russia – features lots of reader feedback and carries a disturbing article today about people selling fragments of the fallen buildings as souvenirs.
Arabic News, a clearing house for news stories covering the entire Middle East.
Pakistan News Service – very interesting. Reports today that Colin Powell has announced the lifting of US sanctions against Pakistan, and that the EU has relaxed trade quotas on Pakistani textile exports (a major source of revenue) – I’ve not seen this reported anywhere else.

ADDENDUM: Cal suggests adding The Times of India, which I note carries an article suggesting that a close associate on Osama bin Laden, wanted on terrorist charges by the Jordanian authorities, is living in exile in London.