More internal search function madness:”Nick

More internal search function madness:

  • “Nick Jordan rubber frenzy”.
    hmmmmm. Biking leathers maybe. But you’d best ask him about that.
  • “I wonder if he records all the searches”.
    Well, Atomz log them all, and occasionally I take a look at the logs, mainly because it never ceases to amaze me just how strange the people are that read this site.
  • “Graybo is a babe”.
    I’d love to know who wrote that.
  • “That photo must be of an actor”.
    Actually, it isn’t. It really is me. I’m sure the other ukbloggers will verify this if asked. Admittedly, the photo is about a year old now, but it really is of me.
  • “Osama bin Laden cumshots”.
    Somebody had to, I guess.