What a strange night last

What a strange night last night was.
I ambled down to the Nags at around 9.30, as usual, only to be berated by Paul F for being late. I’d arranged to meet him there “at the usual time”. Well, I’ve been ambling into the pub around 9.30 for the last five or six months, in an attempt to save money by reducing the time I spend in there, so it wasn’t really unusual. Oh well. He seemed pacified when I bought him a pint.
The usual crowd were in the Nags, and I had a chat with Paul F, Ted, Phil, Tim and Clare, and did cast admiring glances at Emma, the attractive new barperson. Paul decided to head home, so I chose to amble along to W2 to see if Arron or anyone else was out.
W2 has been “losing it” in recent weeks, but I must say that I sense that it is beginning to improve now that recently-imported Dutch barperson Hilje (pronounced Hill-yer) is settling into her stride.
Nobody (apart from Steve – sans Helen) that I really knew was in W2, so I fetched myself a stool and the newspaper from the rack, and decided to kick back, catch up on global events, enjoy a quiet pint and get in a spot of people watching. I had a brief chat with Dan (who is working his last shift on Saturday) and Steve, and was settling into a quiet period of reverie, when I spotted a couple of blokes that I know (names withheld until next of kin informed) chatting with a couple of girls, one blonde and one raven haired. I waved greetings in the general direction of the blokes, and smiled at the girls. I looked back a few minutes later to see how they were getting on (usual bluster, it seemed to me).
Then next thing I knew, the blonde, who turned out to be called Sue, was stood next to me, apologising profusely – I’m not really sure what for. Sue, who at first claimed to be from Birmingham, but is in fact from Tamworth, is a nurse and not unattractive by any means. Well, to cut a long story short, we all ended up going back to the house of one of the blokes, drinking his beer. Sue was pissed as a fart, so much so that she actually gave me a snog – although she didn’t seem particular about who she snogged, to be honest. Then we all moved from there to the home of the other girl, Fleur. By this point I had just about had enough, and could see which way the evening was headed, and that, most likely, it wasn’t going to involve me, so I headed home and got in just before 1am.
The question is – why do I always get into situations like this?