If leaving him is easy,

If leaving him is easy, going back is harder
You long to be back in his arms, but be warned…

It’s your first Saturday night home alone since you broke it off with him. At first, friends rallied round and you made a special effort to get out and enjoy yourself. But now, a few months later, the dust has settled and the impetus is gone. Was he really as bad as all that, you wonder, as you look through the pages of your diary, only to be struck with snow blindness. Maybe if you call him you could catch a film or have a drink. What could be more innocent?
You miss him. Perhaps he misses you too. Were you a bit hasty finishing with him? He could be so nice, sometimes….

Laura Marcus discusses this dilemma with girls who have been down this road. Their stories need to be told.
To find out what happened, call 09060 100 117 from your fax, press start and it will print out. Calls are £1/min and last 5 min to fifteen min.

Oh, the wonders of premium rate fax services.
Actually, if anyone is prepared to stump up the £5 to £15 needed, I’d love to find out what happened next!