Sights seen this morning:Kiddies carrying

Sights seen this morning:

  • Kiddies carrying Marks and Spencer balloons
  • A man dressed as a banana
  • Faces staring in my window as I stare back out, as the number 60 bus crawls through the queues on Orchard Street
  • The boarded up doors at the front of Marks and Spencer in East Street, the second ramraid in Chichester in the last ten days (typical of Chichester that even the criminals are about ten years behind the fashions)
  • An army of teenage girls handing out leaflets in North Street – but more concerned with chatting amongst themselves than actually doing what they were there to do
  • The Boots cosmetics counter assistant calling to me three times before I responded (I was stood in the queue to pay and was oblivious to the fact that she was stood at a till without a queue)
  • A letter from my bank telling me that I’m a very naughty boy, but not quite in such Python-esque words

I’m in a better mood this morning. Things aren’t so bad really. I just wish one or two things would click together at the moment, and preferably click together fairly quickly. Maybe they will yet.