Went into work as usual

Went into work as usual this morning, feeling slightly off colour, but attributing that to beer last night (with Sarah, Paul S, Paul F, Helen, Phil, Gary and the rest of the Nags posse). However, as the morning wore on, it became apparent that all was not well – or more precisely, I was not well. So I got a lift home, and have been asleep for the last six hours – the best escape from the migraine I was suffering, complete with blurred and clouded vision, stabbing pain and the feeling that my temples were being crushed in a vice. I know I had a few dreams as I slept, although I can’t recall them. I’m sure one of them involved a beautiful blonde tending my fevered brow.
Whatever. Tonight I was planning to go and see a fireworks display and then head to the pub. Instead, I’m going to stay in and go to bed early.