Today I promise not to

Today I promise not to post the same thing twice. Not sure how that happened, although Blogger was being a bit wappy for me yesterday.
Actually, what I can promise is a paucity of posts here today (as well as an alarming amount of alliteration), as I’m going to be at a thoroughly unexciting growers’ exhibition at Sandown Park racecourse for most of today, then scooting off to London to celebrate Nick‘s birthday.
In the meantime, I’d be grateful if someone could explain why I have woken up at 3.15am precisely for the last two nights, convinced that I have heard my mobile make that distinctive ‘beep-beep’ to indicate the receipt of a text message. Not only that, but I’ve known what the text message has said and who it is from. Yet, when I clamber out of bed, stagger to the living room and check my phone, no message has been received. Telepathy?