How bizarre. I’ve just been

How bizarre. I’ve just been to an exhibition about the new open-access schemes (which allow evil ramblers to ramble, but thankfully not here), and bumped into a girl I went to primary school with, and haven’t seen for 20 years. Shame we didn’t have a chance to talk – would have been interesting to find out what she had done during that time. Has to be said that it doesn’t seem as though she has changed much, and I can’t say we got on well 20 years ago, so I’m not sure we would now.

Advantages of my job:free internet

Advantages of my job:

  • free internet access
  • ability to feed my addiction to current affairs by listening to FiveLive for the Chancellor’s pre-budget report (see my marketing page for links)
  • cheese scones on demand

In today’s news:the weather is

In today’s news:

  • the weather is cold, grey and miserable
  • I am cold, Gray and miserable
  • I can’t get no [postal] satisfaction – the item of mail I’ve been waiting for still has not arrived. I am pretty much convinced that it is lost in the post
  • Due to extended faffing about, I nearly missed my train this morning
  • I’m really missing someone
  • …and will someone please remind me never to get into a Nigerian swimming pool?

I’m reading Extra Virgin by

I’m reading Extra Virgin by Annie Hawes at the moment – it’s the story of how she came to buy and live in a rustic cottage in the Liguria area of Italy (and it is very good). Combine a book like that with my current mood, and what do you get? Hair-brained ideas, that’s what – ranging from jacking it all in and moving to Spain or Italy (totally preposterous) through to grabbing a friend and going away for a weekend in Lisbon (equally preposterous given the current state of my finances – unless I can find a wealthy friend stupid enough to take me on holiday).
Of course, what I should really do is sort out my double glazing, fix up my new shelf and lighting and sort out whatever it is that is blocking the kitchen sink. And revise for my exams. sigh.