My Chrimbo present list: A

My Chrimbo present list:

  • A splendid Petroleum top
  • An excellent stainless steel espresso cup and saucer
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets paperback (read from cover-to-cover in less than 48 hours)
  • A Petroleum sweater
  • A French Connection sweater
  • CD: Fridge: Happiness
  • CD: Alex Reece: So Far (from Secret Santa – thanks)
  • CD: Curve: Gift
  • CD: Clangers: Original Television Music (very cool!)
  • loads of chocolate and other assorted comestibles
  • money
  • various assorted smelly things for use in the bath
  • The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment paperback

Blimey! Turn your back for

Blimey! Turn your back for a few days, and your email inbox suddenly is filled to overflowing. Mind you, once you delete all the spam, it is much more manageable.
In case you were wondering where I’d been (you were, weren’t you?), I spent a couple of days with Penn, mainly flopping about and doing very little. We did take an excursion to tackle the sales with her nephew Liam, and I found myself a new pair of boots (not in the sale unfortunately, but very nice). The promised trip to the cinema to finally see Harry Potter didn’t come to pass as Penn was (and is) feeling a bit off-colour, so we sat about and watched crap TV instead (I’m still glad I don’t have a telly).

Before I disappear, let me

Before I disappear, let me leave you with a short rant. This is exactly the reason why "Sarah’s law" must never be allowed. It is the responsibility of our courts and justice system to prove guilt and punish suspected paedophiles, and, whilst that system may need review, it is clear that mob justice should never be tolerated, condoned, encouraged or facilitated. And it is my belief that "Sarah’s law" would have that effect. I’m not even sure it would protect any children, as so many paedophile acts are carried out by persons without previous convictions, even by family members and trusted friends.

I’ve just reviewed my entries

I’ve just reviewed my entries for this time last year (go find them yourself – I can’t be arsed to do the link thing). How times have changed. But strangely, I think I’m every bit as cheerful today as I was a year ago, even though circumstances have changed and a lot has gone on in the 365 days that have elapsed. Cheerful in a different way, for sure, but I still have plenty to be cheery about. But more on that in a few days time when I present Graybo’s Review Of The Year™, which will make for interesting reading, especially as the year is far from done yet.
The main thing is that this evening will be spent with some lovely friends. And tomorrow will be spent with my family. Doing lots of things that I enjoy, with people I really want to be with.
I hope the same is true for you.

Merry Christmas.

Just been for a haircut

Just been for a haircut and several glasses of wine with Jo, as well as Andy, Nikki, Chris, Nigel, Katy, “wicked” Wanda and the rest of the Buzby and Blue posse. Such are the advantages of booking the last appointment on Christmas eve.
After that, I was able to look smug at the people of Chichester as they sweated over their last minute shopping. Special mentions to Tim W and to Kirsty, both seen battling with the crowds and empty shelves.
I intend to flop about and doze for the afternoon, then head to the pub later.