so, last night I saw

so, last night I saw Little Otik. What a strange, strange film. Plot summary: a childless and infertile couple are digging in the garden and find a tree stump that looks like a baby. They choose to adopt it, and through their love the stump comes to life. It then proceeds to eat everything it sees.
I think Bren and Greg were a bit fazed by it. At the end of it, you were simply left with a dazed feeling and the thought that “that was completely barking mad!” The fact that the film is a combination of live action and animation enhances that feeling – there is no attempt to hide the bizarreness of the story by trying to use CGI to make the wooden baby more lifelike.
It is possibly just a little too long at two hours, but I’d recommend it to anyone who can enjoy a completely bizarre and strange story presented in a spare and stark manner.