Well, let’s go look at

Well, let’s go look at what is going on out in the rest of UKBloggerland (ok, I’m bored, and I’m lacking original material for this site. I’m also prevaricating about cooking dinner and doing my college homework. And it’s a pathetic excuse for a spot of linkwhoring. But then this is a pathetic excuse for a website – don’t say that I’m not honest about it.):

  • Marcia is wondering about fascists
  • Dan reasserts his intellectual credentials with some meaningless postmodernism
  • Paul arses around
  • Mo ponders memetics
  • Meg considers the hokey-cokey
  • Vaughan obfuscates
  • Nick gets paranoid
  • Emma continues to take the Grayblog-sponsored KayCee award (cheers Luke) for openness
  • Lyssa gets cold
  • Richard becomes an on-the-spot reporter
  • Tom doesn’t stop

And what’s the best I can come up with? A look at my Blogger usage stats. I feel got at.
I’ve also noticed a trend away from permalinks – theories anyone?