Well – the party. What

Well – the party. What can I say? It was fantastic! Everyone had made such an effort with their Las Vegas costumes and outfits – it really was excellent, and Bren had a fantastic time. I even managed to convince a couple of people that I looked like Roy Orbison (although they had to use a lot of imagination!).
Present were: Bren (in a stunning showgirl outfit she made herself), Greg, Paul F (both in amazing Elvis outfits, also made by Bren) and the band (all dressed up too), DA, DAGS (only two weeks to go!), Ian (another Elvis!), Sacha, Tanya, Tam (dark hair really suits you!), Arron (cool white tux), Kearn (where did you get that jacket?!), Kev (Don Corleone), Andrea, Donna, Matt (dodgy cop), Heidi (how little were you wearing??!), Julie, Caroline (loved up) and Amanda (amazing entrance).
Top marks to Bren for organising it so brilliantly – the venue was perfect and the spread was just right (and desperately needed by Kearn and I, as we’d both been working all day and hadn’t had time to eat anything to soak up the booze!). And Paul successfully mumbled his way through the Elvis numbers too in a most convincing fashion!