Today is Palm Sunday. um.

Today is Palm Sunday.
um. Just thought I’d let you know.

UPDATE: actually, I’ve remembered what I was going to say about Palm Sunday. The first time I went to Barcelona, I was there during the run up to Palm Sunday. Like all Spaniards (got to be careful here – the Catalan people are very proud and independent and don’t like being lumped together with the rest of Spain, but I hope in this instance they can forgive me and that I won’t be firebombed by some separatist militants), the Barcelonetas like nothing more than a good parade, especially on religious festivals. It’s a shame I wasn’t there for the actual parade (there was one on when I went to the city for the second time, but the crowds were so enormous you could barely get close enough to see what was going on, and I was also tending to a girlfriend who was feeling a bit flaky). But I did get to see the special palm market on Rambla Catalunya, north of Plaça de Catalunya – a street full of stalls selling dried palm fronds, bleached to parchment white by the sun and towering six or eight feet above the heads of the purchasers. It makes an amazing sight – I’ve got some photos somewhere which I’ll hunt out and scan up if I get time.