hmm. This causes me great

hmm. This causes me great concern. I am considering what action is appropriate.

UPDATE: email has been flying back and forth between the six of us concerned. For those who have only just arrived, here’s the deal:
Meg, Dave, Paul, Nick and James all submitted their photos to my passport photo page.
The Richmond Informer lifted the photos and used them in their advert.
At no time did they approach me, or any of the other people pictured (which would have been easy considering that there is an email link to me on the passport page, and each photo carries a link to the person’s website).

Both Meg and I have phoned them, and pointed out what is going on. Meg has a transcript of her conversation here. When I called, I got a more measured reaction, but still insisting on a written complaint (presumably to give them breathing space to decide on a response).
So we six are considering our next step. We are aggrieved, for sure, and will be seeking some form of recompense. It’s a good job that James‘s friend’s girlfriend spotted it.