Summary:Morning post featuring my case


  • Morning post featuring my case study materials from the CIM. Not pleasant, but at least I can make a start on it….
  • …also in the post, some birthday cards. Much better.
  • Another incredibly long day at work. It’s starting to get to me, but I can see no escape for at least eight weeks
  • Also in the post, Tiga and Zyntherius’s single Sunglasses at Night. Really rather good.
  • A brief visit to Sarah tonight, who was the wrong side of a bottle of wine and showing it.
  • Beer with Arron (ever so briefly), Dave, Paul F, Peter, Malcolm and Sally (and I choose my "and"s carefully)
  • A brief inspection of the newly refurbished Bull – it’ll never last. It is aimed at the 17-19 market, who are notoriously fickle. It *is* what Chichester needs, but I just don’t see it lasting.

Sorry. Not very cheerful tonight. Will try harder tomorrow.
And talking of tomorrow, this is an open invitation – beer in the Nags from 8.30 tomorrow. Picnic in Priory Park from 1pm on Sunday.