Well, the picnic was abandoned

Well, the picnic was abandoned due to poor attendance. Greg, Bren and I flung the frisbee around the park for a while, went for a short stroll, and then headed to Café Rouge for coffee and frites, where we were joined by Arron – the hardcore crew! We then headed for Sadler’s and enjoyed the courtyard in lovely warm sunshine, with their new Sunday afternoon barbeque (all you can eat for a fiver – I think we might be found there on quite a few Sundays this summer). I’m now back home for a short rest before heading out for a couple of quiet bevvies later, and also to retrieve my birthday cards that I left in W2 last night (oops!) that were sneakily hidden in my kitchen by Arron (d’oh!).
Thanks for all the text messages, e-mails and calls to mark my birthday.