Well, it looks like I

Well, it looks like I may have possibly slightly upset someone who is special to me by being slightly surly the other day, and then writing something here which could be misinterpreted.
I really need an escape. I need a get out of jail card. I need something to lift me out of this mood that I’m in – or, more precisely, I need to lift myself out of it. But it’s like I’m in a long dark tunnel, and I can’t yet see the light at the end. It’s hard to be motivated when you feel like that, and it’s hard to keep the jolly happy persona visible for all to see.
And there isn’t anyone to just take me by the hand and reassure me at the moment. I know I need to find the whole thing within myself, but a little support would make it easier.
And before anyone leaps to any conclusions, it isn’t just any one thing – it is a whole mass of things individually and bundled together that make me feel llike this.
Oh well, best just to get on.

At least my itsagoal.com team did better today.