Warm + sun + evening

Warm + sun + evening = Priory Park. Pity it is also (+ CIM case study).

Incidentally, several people are stumbling on Grayblog looking for help with their CIM Diploma World Class International (WCI) case study. We were discussing this in class the other day. We should have a comprehensive analysis completed by Monday or Tuesday of next week, and it would be fairly easy to sell it on disk (or even online – I already have a PayPal account to accept credit cards). It will only be an analysis of the case, without any strategic proposals, but would certainly be in-depth. It will be in PowerPoint for Windows format and cover around 30+ slides. I reckon it is worth a minimum of £30 (working on the basis of £1 per slide), although I’d need to discuss this with the other guys in our class. The question is: are there any serious takers? If you’re interested, leave a comment or e-mail me.