This from Meg: This seems

This from Meg:

This seems as good a time as any to announce…

Picnic in the Park II: The Return.

After the beer-and-frisbee induced shenanigans of PITP I, July 2002 sees the return of the outdoor massing of personal publishers (the gathering formerly known as “blogmeet”) to Hyde Park, London.

The Date:
Saturday 6 July 2002

The Time:
High Noon.

The Place:
Speaker’s corner (just behind Marble Arch, at the entrance to Hyde Park)

The Plan:
Bring edibles and drinkables, partners, offspring and/or pets (yours – kidnapping will be frowned on). Munch. Say “Blimey, I haven’t seen you since…” and “I never realised he/she looked like *that*…”. Polish off grub, menace small children (MM, GS) take some silly pictures (NJ) and then retire to a local hostelry for further chatter, or head off to Luke‘s leaving do later in the afternoon (therefore effectively dispatching two winged pests with one hard but well-aimed projectile).

Spread the word.

I plan to be there.