I’m considering shaving. There are

I’m considering shaving. There are several reasons for this, and I may yet decide not to. But one reason in particular is pushing me towards this (more on that *much* later).
I’ve been stubbly in a three-days-growth kinda way for about two years now. I just got bored with shaving, and Andrea (with whom I was almost living at the time) said she liked it – that was enough to induce me to forget the whole effort of shaving, and purchase a natty beard trimmer to keep it all reasonably tidy. If memory serves well, I’ve only been clean-shaven on one occasion since then, which was Brenda’s 40th birthday party. I was seeing Marianne at the time, and she said she rather liked the shaven look, although we stopped seeing each other about four days later (not sure that these two facts are linked, but I’ve never let that spoil a story).
Of course, the most important person to please is me. I have to admit that I hate shaving. I’ve never been one for wet shaving, as that’s just too much of an effort for a lazy bloke like me. So it’s always been dry shavers, and they are ok but boring. And whatever method you use, if you’re going to be smooth, you need to shave at least once a day. And that has always been the big advantage of the whole stubbly look – I can leave it for a day (or four) and it doesn’t really look that much different, which is great.
Full beard or goatee options are out as far as I am concerned. My beard has a healthy hint of ginger to it, and somehow I don’t think that would look right on my face. But it has to be said that (in my opinion) the stubbly look suits my face shape, which is a little more round than it was a few years ago (rather like my belly, which is a lot more round – a development that is undoubtedly not related to beer, and is more to do with changes in atmospheric pressure, global warming or something). However, since Bren said I looked like Wilf Brambell, the situation has been under review.
Whaddya reckon?