After widespread consultation, here is the Final Solution – a plan for PITP2 that solves the problem of a clash of time and venue with the Pride March.

The plan is this:
date: Saturday 6 July 2002
meet at 12 noon in Soho Square
nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road

For those new to meeting other bloggers, we should be easily recognisable as the small (or perhaps large?) group of people that nobody is talking to, looking uncomfortable. (I’m kidding – honest!)

Nick Jordan and Graybo will probably be the first on the scene – anyone who is new or concerned about getting lost might like to contact me and we will entrust our mobile numbers to you.

The agenda? Eat (either what you bring with you, or foodstuffs obtained locally), drink (ditto), talk inanely with other personal publishing type folk. Repeat until people drift off. Feel free to bring cameras to record the day… just don’t point them at me.

Whilst this will not have the extensive verdant appeal of last year’s event (there is verdance, but less of it), it has the advantage that we will not be surrounded by people shuffling along in comfortable shoes (what’s the difference between Pride and a geriatrics convention?). It is also a central location, and the venue is such that as soon as three of us are gathered there, we will stick out like something that sticks out a lot.

This will, inevitably, not be to the satisfaction of some. To those people I say this: next year, YOU make the plan, ok?

Kudos to Meg for starting the ball rolling on this one and making the little gif. Thanks to all, especially Tom, who made useful comments and suggestions.

message ends. GSTQ.