Oh dear. It seems that

Oh dear. It seems that I’ve been inadvertently controversial again. It seems an explanation is called for.
Shuffling: in my (not unlimited) experience of being in large crowds moving along, there is generally much shuffling and little marching.
Comfortable shoes: in my profession, "queerosexuals" (to use Dan’s phrase) are far from uncommon, and most of the ones I know, male or female, would wear comfortable shoes. So I’ve corrupted the datum if you like.
So Pride could reasonably consist of a large number of comfortable shoe wearers moving along by means of shuffling.
Geriatric: n. an aged person. Many aged people shuffle and wear comfortable shoes. And what Chichester lacks in queerosexuals, it makes up for in geriatrics.

Granted, the similarities between Pride and a geriatrics convention are likely to end there.
But I’ll still buy Dan a beer if he shows up on Saturday.