Do you enjoy online radio? Have you listened to Monkey Radio?

You might have noticed that Monkey Radio is offline. This is because the authorities in the States want streaming audio providers to pay hefty royalties – even non-profit (or loss making!) providers like Monkey Radio. A quick back-of-an-envelope calculation (if I’ve interpreted things correctly) shows that fees in excess of US$10,000 per annum would have to be paid to keep Monkey Radio going. The authorities also intend to collect these fees retrospectively, even though the fees have only just been set.

Brennan of Monkey Radio is working with other streaming audio providers to find a workaround for this, but in the meantime, please visit his site and see what you can do to help. In particular, he is collecting information to show how streaming audio services actually lead to greater CD sales – I’ll be submitting the (lengthy) list of CDs that I’ve bought as a result of listening to the music on his site.

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