The terribly sad news that

The terribly sad news that has been breaking during the course of today should not be taken as an excuse for another pathetic set of media-induced scenes such as those that followed the murder of Sarah Payne. I recall that at least half a dozen police officers were taken up with directing traffic as so-called “well wishers” came to lay flowers and other “tributes” near to where her body was found. The local agricultural college had to give over a large field to car parking for these people, traffic lights were set up on one of the busiest roads in the county for their safety, all at the taxpayers’ expense, and then the council had to come along and clear up the litter and debris (as well as the flowers, toys and other things) that were left behind. There were even Portaloos for goodness sake!
And what difference did it make? Not a bit, other than to provide rich pickings for florists and gift sellers in the area. It would be so much better if they gave that money to the NSPCC or ChildLine or some other similar organisation.
When will these people get a grip on reality, and stop following the stupid herd mentality? I dread to think what knee-jerk reactions we are going to see over the coming days and weeks – but reaction there will be, of that I think we can be sure.
Oh, and before anyone freaks, don’t get me wrong – if this crime is as it appears, it is absolutely horrendous, and I hope the perpetrators are caught and suitably punished. Preferably without any ambiguity in the courtroom too, as seems to have occured in some previous cases where the police and CPS have been under pressure to find a culprit.