Neighbour update: I had an

Neighbour update: I had an idea that the boyfriend of the brunette at 183 was young, but I hadn’t realised quite how young. Tonight, they’ve gone out in his newly acquired car – a tacky blue Ford Orion with boy-racer trim kit and L plates. Yep, looks like she is acting as the grown-up driver escorting the learner about. As they came out the door, I could see just how young and excited he is about the whole thing – and I mean young, like around 18 or 19 compared to her latetwentysomethingness.
What on earth is she doing with a bloke like that? She is a very attractive woman, and he must have some pretty amazing features that attract her to him. A bulge in his trousers, I suspect, either manhood or wallet.
I dread to think what will happen once he passes his test. The scrappy yellow 125cc bike will go, and the Orion will undoubtedly be lowered on the suspension, have a farty exhaust system added and “benefit” from the addition of a Wide Boy™ Mega-Bass audio system. Oh joy.
As for the blonde at 183, she was parading her boyfriend up and down the street the other day. He does a good line in tight white t-shirts, and clearly spends a lot of time at the gym. They are one of those picturebook couples – she the leggy blonde with the long flowing mane, he the dark bemuscled strong and quiet type.
Then there is the older woman, who continues to arrive home early in the morning with just-out-of-the-shower wet hair. I’m not sure whether she is going away for the night each night, or just goes for an early swim in the pool or early session at the gym. I prefer to think that she stays away every night, as that makes for a far more interesting theory.

Must go and polish my binoculars.