I’ve got a whole bunch

I’ve got a whole bunch of ill-defined “stuff” that I’d like to get off my chest at the moment. But I’m not sure I can write it here, as so many people that I know, and that are important to me in various ways, read this site on a daily or frequent basis. Maybe there is something to be said for blogging anonymously in the C Side style, although I’m not sure I’d be very good at maintaining my anonymity. If I did have an anonymous blog, I’m not sure that I’d find it very satisfying. The whole point of sharing life online, for me anyway, is that it is cathartic and a sharing process – a bit like standing up at a Blogaholics Anonymous meeting and saying “hi, I’m Graybo, and I’m a sad bastard” or whatever.
So, anyway, I’m in Mood-swing Central at the moment, flailing between grinning like an idiot and being ecstatically happy, and then moping around and crying into my pillow.
But I guess that is life really.