Strange goings-on….a small boy keeps

Strange goings-on….

  • a small boy keeps walking up and down past my windows, looking straight in at me as I sit here typing this. This is very disturbing. He is barely tall enough to see over the window sill. Graybo Theatre – do you think I could charge?
  • a window has blown off of number 181 across the road and is resting on the edge of the roof, ready to fall to the ground. The window is often left open, and I’ve frequently noticed it swinging about wildly in the breeze and not on a latch. With today’s stronger wind, I guess it was all too much for the hinges. The glass is broken, and it really does look like it could fall on someone’s head at any moment.
    Damn. I was going to go to the takeaway, but I see the lodger is now dangling out of the window in a very scary manner in an attempt to retrieve it. This I *have* to watch!
    Darn – he’s got it in a most unexciting way. I was looking forward to some exciting smashing of glass or bone then.