Over the course of the

Over the course of the weekend, at least four people told me, with varying degrees of subtlety, that I could use a little more exercise and a modification of diet. And, yes, I know I still haven’t fulfilled that resolution in the sidebar to take more exercise. I should really get my bike fixed so that I can get out on it a bit.
What I really hate though is coming to work, opening up the e-mail that contains my daily horoscope, and reading this:


You may have some concern with the state of your general health — even some enthusiasm for proper diet and physical fitness. Enjoyment of food and drink can be your downfall. Today is a good day to join the gym and start that dreaded diet.

Harrumph. I *like* food and drink! It takes hard work to maintain my reputation as an epicurean! sulk.

UPDATE: it’s not just me then.