As people who have been

As people who have been reading this site for a long time will know, I occasionally go out to give presentations about plants to horticultural clubs and societies. I’ve been doing it for about ten years now, and have travelled all over the place – mostly in the south east, but also into the midlands and to Philadelphia. Just once in a while, I do a presentation that I really enjoy, and kudos to the people of Ruislip for making last night’s outing one of the best I’ve had for a long time. It’s the little things – a decent map showing the way to the hall, a cup of tea when I get there (as well as a round of sandwiches – the chairman of the group having realised that I would have missed my evening meal), having the tables, chairs and screen all set up, a parking space by the door, and an attentive and interested audience that actually take part in the presentation by asking questions, making notes and even laughing in the right places.
If only they were all like that.
Was pretty tired by the time I got home though – a 140-mile round trip, getting back through my door just in time to hear the midnight news (or I would have heard it if I hadn’t fallen asleep straight away on the sofa).