Do you agree with this

Do you agree with this article? I don’t, at least not entirely.
Blogging, and any form of personal publishing, tends to be filled with a lot of reactionary and knee-jerk (or just jerk!) opinion. It is probably true to say that, in the wake of the September 11th attacks, much blogging in the US took a more right wing view – warblogging is/was largely but not exclusively dominated by views and opinions that strongly echoed the views of the right-wing US president.
But I’m not sure that it is reasonable to say that blogging generally is dominated by the right. And I certainly don’t believe that to be the case in the UK. In fact, I think the opposite is probably true – blogging here is dominated more by centrist and left-wing opinion.
I must rush to say that this is only a perception, however, and is not based on any sort of analysis of blogs at large. It would be useful for this debate if someone, or several someones, could undertake some sort of analysis of the politics (or apolitics) of bloggers at large.
Ultimately, it is most advantageous if as broad a spectrum of opinion as possible is represented in blogdom, just as that is desirable (if not always achieved) in other media. And it would do us all well to remember that articles in blogs, as much as in most other media, are usually entirely, or at least influenced by, the opinion of a single author, and shouldn’t really be treated as fact or gospel.

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