Ah good … time for

Ah good … time for coffee.
One of the things I’m working on for the reorg of this site is some form of categorisation of the posts so that there is scope for archiving by category or subject rather than by date. However, one of the inherent problems with this is trying to design categories that will cover whatever I might decide to post. I want the categories to fit my posts, not be forced to create posts that fit categories. So if I want to create a post that covers several categories in one long ramble, or if I just want to point out that it is time for coffee, I can continue to do so. I want to be free to type whatever crap I feel like. So I’m still working on that one.
Some categories are easy: politics, football, cricket, music, etc. Others are broader: introspection and obfuscation will cover those long rambling posts that don’t really seem to go anywhere and don’t really seem to say anything. But I’m not entirely happy with having to lump some stuff into a “miscellaneous” category, so if you long-term grayblog readers have any suggestions for suitable category titles, bung them in the comments.
Anyway, all this is some way off, and you won’t notice any changes here just yet. I’ve still got to sort out the various MT templates, and that’s going to take a while.