This article seems to suggest

This article seems to suggest that Estelle Morris was forced to resign because of failures that were not of her own making. I disagree.
Whilst the events that led to the situation with A levels and other issues with which she has struggled since taking up her post may have been set in train by her predecessors in that office, it must surely be the responsibility of the secretary of state of any government department to direct his or her staff to anticipate problems before they arise, and take preventative and remedial action to stop those problems developing into crises. In this respect, Estelle Morris has clearly failed, and it is right that she has resigned – she clearly was not in control of her department, as problems seem to mount up and ambush her without warning, with her appearing to be totally unprepared to handle them.
There is no doubt that she was enthusiastic and passionate about her work. Unfortunately, she simply does not have the skills and competences to carry it out effectively.
And if the problems were the making of her predecessor…. how come Mr Blunkett can get away with it?

Blimey. Two instances of governmental incompetence in one day. And that’s only the ones I’ve mentioned here.
Next: opposition incompetence. When the last Tory government was struggling with so many cock-ups, the Labour opposition was quite reasonably pouncing on everything that came its way and making use of it to discredit the incumbents. Why on earth is the current opposition not doing the same?