Damp and grey today. In

Damp and grey today. In spite of everything, spirits are a bit down today. It’s hard to get motivated on mornings like this.
What has got me motivated though is receiving the “parents find $71,000 in boy’s closet” spam at least 30 times so far today. I’m so motivated to act by that – and the action I’ll be taking is to install Mailwasher.
I’m also motivated to send a shitty note to my neighbours. They are fruit and vegetable wholesalers, and every weekday morning for the past month or so, a van or lorry has arrived outside their door to deliver goods at 5am. And this morning, it was parked outside my window, with the engine running and the stereo on loud for nearly 25 minutes. AND the f***ing arsewipe driver kept using his horn because they were clearly not answering the door. RANT! RAGE!! Let’s just hope that natural justice sorts them out.