OK, I’m feeling a bit

OK, I’m feeling a bit better this morning, mainly because I’m determined to be more relaxed and go with the flow a little. Because we all know what happens to stressed people.
You know that there is always this debate in the media every year about Christmas getting earlier? Well, I can understand that from a marketing point of view, because if you want to buy gifts and Christmas things and send them to friends and family in Australia and New Zealand (and I have friends and family in both of those places. Not that I’m likely to send them anything, mind you.), well you are already nearly a month too late to send them by cheap surface mail. So shops that put their Christmas goods on display in September are certainly filling a need.
However, the fact that Homebase is packed full of tacky fibre optic Christmas trees and playing Slade seems a little premature. I also noticed that the ambulance crews in Chichester have already decorated their mess room at the station with tinsel and garlands – have they nothing more constructive to do with their time?