Been slacking on the Colombian

Been slacking on the Colombian links for a few days. Following a conversation yesterday, I’ve found a site with some traditional Colombian recipes, including something called ajiaco, which apparently is the dish to have, if only you can get hold of the ingredients, particularly guascas.
Well, I’ve done a bit of research on this. Apparently the botanical name for this herb is Galinsoga parviflora, and it grows wild in England – although it is not very common according to my wild flower book. It is a daisy known as Gallant Soldier. The book suggests that it is locally common in some parts of the south-east of England, and I think I’ve seen something that looks like it when I’ve been out walking. The trouble, I guess, is spotting it and being able to collect enough of it – it’s only an annual, so no point in looking for it at this time of year. Maybe it would be best to find a plant in seed (too late for that now), harvest the seed and get a patch going in your own garden.
But ooo! I’ve found a commercial source of seeds here (a company we use for seeds at work) – pity they only offer 25 gram packs – I’ll ask them if they’ll offer smaller packs.
UPDATE: following an exchange of e-mails, Matt at B&T World Seeds has now put up a page about guascas which includes the ajiaco recipe and links to order the seeds (which, following my interest in it, he is now offering in smaller quantities from 1 gram).